11-4-2009 - At 6:56pm on November 3rd, 2009, Viktor Mladen Jazvo was born in Roseville, California. Branka was 1 week ahead of full term when we went in for the induction.
We came to hospital Monday afternoon thinking that things would move quicker than they did 21 months ago when Adela was born. Back then it took 23 hours for Branka to give birth naturally. This time unfortunately it took longer and the delivery was through an emergency c-section. About 25 hours of labor. We had just settled in for day two of labor when Viktor's heart rate dropped and all hell broke loose. The good folks at Kaiser had him out and breathing in a few minutes.
Because he came via an emergency c-section I couldn't take the same pictures I took during Adela's birth. For her I took photos seconds after she came out and for him I had to wait 20 minutes, I'm sure he'll understand, eventually.
The baby is fine. His birth weight was 7lbs 14oz and he was 21 inches long. We were concerned about his blood sugar because Branka had mild gestational diabetes, but he's fine and she's fine too.
Branka was looking forward to eating a muffin (carbs) as soon as he was out and I bought some yesterday and left them in her room. So when she gets the all clear I'm sure she'll eat one, finally.
This time around I brought along an HD video camera to get some nice clips and Branka used her I-phone to post real time updates to Facebook. So you can go ahead and call us geeks. I'm heading out to the hospital now to check in on them. Needless to say, I'll take more pictures and post them soon.
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A short while after a nice easy birth(for him) he's allready asleep.
Branka is still in good spirits before the c-section.
Viktor's first meal, 20ml of Similac, yummy!

At home...
Branka and Viktor leave the hospital. It's Viktor's first time outside :   iPhone / Downloadable version

At home...
Adela sees Viktor for thge first time.

At home...
Adela gives Viktor a thorough check up, this includes finding his nose, eyes, ears, etc